Technically Challenging EAs. We specialize in Federal actions that have extraordinary technical components or the need for supporting air quality, noise, or transportation studies. We have strong in-house technical skills and a knack for crafting documents that are easy to understand. LPES provides the technical expertise and practical documentation to inform the public of potential environmental impacts from complex Federal actions.

Document Automation for Simple EAs. Common actions that require an EA are often over analyzed and over documented. LPES specializes in using document automation to dramatically reduce the effort required to prepare simple and low risk EAs. This makes for a real savings in both time and cost to the client. We specialize in preparing concise EAs that are legally sufficient and adhere to both the letter and the spirit of NEPA.

National environmental policy act (nepa)

LPES specializes in the preparation of NEPA documents. We regularly prepare Categorical Exclusions, Records of Environmental Consideration, Environmental Assessments (EA), and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). We prepare NEPA documents for every conceivable type of action.

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"[LPES has] assisted us on numerous and diverse NEPA projects for many years, providing air, noise and traffic impact analyses for a wide variety of actions proposed by DoD, DOE, DHS...Our customers have always been well pleased with the quality and thoroughness of your work."