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NEPA Services

LPES specializes in the preparation of NEPA documentation. LPES provides the technical expertise and practical documentation to inform the public of potential environmental impacts from Federal actions.  We regularly prepare:

  • Categorical Exclusions and Records of Environmental Consideration 
  • Environmental Assessments (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impacts (FONSI)
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Records of Decision (ROD) 

Although we prepare NEPA documentation for every type of Federal action, we specialize in activities that have extraordinary technical components or the need for supporting air quality, noise, or transportation studies. In addition, LPES specializes in using document automation to dramatically reduce the effort required to prepare simple EAs.

Noise Assessment and Planning

LPES staff has extensive experience in analyzing noise from military training, environmental, traffic, and industrial sources.  Some specific noise services include:

- Military Training Noise         - NEPA Support Services            - Transportation Noise

- Industrial Noise Analysis      - Modeling and Monitoring         - Aircraft Noise

Traffic and Land Use

LPES provides detailed planning and impact analysis of traffic networks and adjacent land uses. Specific services include: 

- Transportation Planning                                    - NEPA Support Services

- Land Development Analysis                               - Traffic Impact Studies

Air Quality Assessment and Planning

LPES helps clients remain compliant with air-quality regulations while ensuring the success of their operation or business. We manage risk by predicting and mitigating air-quality issues associated with a wide range of actions.  Air-quality services include:

- Conformity Analysis              - NEPA Support Services              - Modeling

- Emission Inventories             - Regulatory Compliance